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Valérie Desrochers

Graphic designer

A multi-talented freelance graphic designer, Valérie Desrochers demonstrates incredible creative curiosity. She excels in many areas including illustration, brand image, typography and website design. But, more importantly, she has the ability to translate everything you wish to communicate to your target audience into images.

Her extensive, 14 years of ad agency experience, have enabled Valérie to play a key role as a freelance graphic designer for a diverse clientele.  Some of her typographies have been selected for publication in graphic design works. Clearly, Valérie is not done impressing us with her  talent and meticulousness.

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What else is Valérie passionate about in addition to graphic design?

Illustration, drawing, arts, photography and… continuously exploring new techniques and mediums!

Valérie achievements

2017 AQPF Conference

Visual identity and promotional tools.

Juvenile fiction, La Kermesse, Les éditions Tête Haute

Illustrations and graphic design.

Praline communication

Website visual identity redesign.

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Web Solutions

A Web programming expert, Jean-Philippe Déry likes to think outside the box, always exploring new avenues.


Geneviève objectively paints a comprehensive picture and then comes up with relevant recommendations to attain your strategic objectives.

Content creation

Curious and passionate, she brings a special touch to every project to which she contributes as a copywriter or freelance translator.