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Praline in a nutshell

Why choose Praline?

More than 12 years of extensive communication agency experience, Geneviève Paquin quickly learned to surround herself with proven communication-marketing freelance experts. Her way of offering you the best: the reliability and the quality of a communication agency combined with the expertise and flexibility of freelancers.

A communication agency with a unique essence

Praline: much more than a communication agency; it’s a window into the best freelance strategists, programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, and translators who will ensure the success of your project.

The best freelance experts

Contrary to an online freelance directory, Praline carefully selects its freelance experts. Each of our freelancers has stood out by the quality of their work, efficiency and ability to fulfill customers’ expectations within the projected timeframe and budget

A customized team for your project

Praline assembles the finest team of strategists, graphic designers, writers, translators and programmers for your project. According to your objectives and budget, we select the collaborators who best suit your needs.

Synergy among freelancers

Throughout various mandates and over time, Praline’s experts have developed a wonderful complicity. Take advantage of the team synergy that overflows from this group of freelancers with complementary skills and unlimited creativity.

A single point of contact

As would a great chef, Praline oversees the management of your entire project. Its founder, Geneviève Paquin manages it all for an outcome worthy of a large communications-marketing agency.

Want to be a part of Vitrine Praline?

We are always seeking the best communication marketing freelancers. Come and meet with us. Show us your expertise.

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