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Your marketing strategy guides your business’ daily activities. Developing a strategic plan is a key step to making wise decisions and reaching your business objectives.

Thanks to a business plan, a marketing plan or a communication plan, you will have an accurate picture of your environment and target audience, and the actions that must be taken to succeed. A complete analysis of these key elements will help you see clearly to create customized communication tools and personalized content that will grasp your audience’s attention.

Whether starting up your business or concocting a special project, Praline Communication possesses the resources and expertise to free you of this task. Our experienced team specializes in supporting businesses such as yours to plan and initiate effective marketing strategies.

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Business plan

A business plan acts as a lever to start up a business or to guide it through the years. It clearly defines the financial objectives, establishes timelines and determines which resources to mobilize.

Praline Communication offers external expert consulting to assist you in the development of your business plan. Our 360° vision,

Marketing plan

Focused on achieving tangible results, the marketing plan ensures that for each component of your product and service offerings, a realistic plan exists. It is build around your business’ internal and external environment; in other words, the nature of your products and services, available resources, market characteristics and customer profile.

Throughout the past few years, Praline Communication has developed diverse marketing strategies, including digital strategy components, for small to medium-size businesses. Our team has illustrated itself thanks to the launch of B2B marketing strategies in the food, commercial and industrial sectors. Why not benefit from our expertise and get noticed by current and potential clients?

Communication plan

As to precipitating actions, the development of a communication strategy contributes to the creation of a series of planned tools for enhanced results. The communication plan assembles all the tools and tactics that will enable you to reach and seduce your target audience.

Up to date on market trends, Praline Communication knows how to come up with the perfect recipe to make clients shine. And, our team takes care of every detail; crucial when creating a winning communication plan.

Digital strategy

With the ubiquitous Web and social media, a digital strategy has become essential to every company or organization. Specifically, a digital strategy enables clients to find you on the Web thanks to relevant and catchy content: website, blog articles, social media, videos, infographics, e-books, webinars and much more.

Praline Communication will help you plan a digital strategy that is customized to your target audience and guide you in the creation of effective content. A worthwhile investment that will help you confidently reach your business goals.

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