By Geneviève Paquin | April 24, 2018

A one-of-a-kind shared workspace!

Last summer, Geneviève Paquin, originally from Sherbrooke, opened up a new office space in Drummondville for her agency, Praline Communication. Discover all you need to know about Espace Praline, the only coworking space in Drummondville that is exclusively dedicated to communication and marketing professionals.

Why open a new shared workspace in Drummondville?

“When I launched Praline Communication in 2014, I was already dreaming of assembling the best communication and marketing freelance experts. I wanted to offer them exposure to Praline’s clients, as opposed to being in the dark as freelancers, or pretending to work for my agency—as it often the case in other agencies. I have always been transparent with my clients and the freelancers with whom I collaborate,” explains Geneviève Paquin.

“Working from home certainly has its advantages, but when we needed to meet for a common project, we had two choices: invite everyone to the house or find a quiet coffee shop. Both options are feasible, but for the long-term we needed to find a professional location. Talking with other freelancers, I realized I was not alone in this situation,” adds Geneviève.

Over time, it became clear to the founder of Praline Communication that opening up a coworking space in Drummondville was the solution. Via Espace Praline, Geneviève Paquin hopes to boast the talents of the communication and marketing expert freelancers that she handpicks to meet her clients needs.

How is Espace Praline different from other, previously established, coworking spaces?

Espace Praline is currently the only shared workspace in Drummondville that is exclusively dedicated to communication and marketing professionals. The goal is to unite strategist, designers, copywriters, translators, programmers or photographers—among others—who will be able to collaborate on common projects and, eventually, refer each other, in order to find new contracts,” explains the founder of the coworking space

Thanks to her selection of expert freelancers, Praline Communication combines the satellite agency trend, a new form of agency, where there are few or no permanent employees, and the coworking trend that is increasing in popularity here and around the globe..

“Freelancers are looking for more than an office space, they want a professional and welcoming environment to further their career. This is exactly what Espace Praline has to offer: a one-of-a-kind location in which freelancers can develop their potential,” adds Geneviève.

What can freelancers gain from being a part of this shared workspace?

“Espace Praline freelancers have everything to gain!

Wonderful office spaces for rent that help break the isolation and allow to meet with clients;
A conference room for client meetings;
An opportunity to converse with other communication and marketing professionals on a daily basis;
And the synergy that is found in an agency,” replies Geneviève.

Leasing an office space in Espace Praline for the past few months, Maude Lambert-Bonin shares the same vision as her collaborator, Geneviève Paquin.

“As a freelancer, we must find a means to build relationships with other freelancers in our domain, whether to expand our offerings or to help us when we are overloaded, on sick leave or maternity leave. Discussing with other freelancers with complementary expertise is invaluable when it comes to better serving our clients,” states Maude, a web content creator.

What can we expect from Espace Praline in the upcoming months?

“We are all set up to welcome freelancers in our coworking space. We have seven offices for rent. Each one offers its own unique workspace; dimensions, layout, and with or without a window. An office can be leased fully furnished or you can bring your own office furniture,” affirms Geneviève.

This entrepreneur has a vision for Espace Praline. She is currently redesigning the conference room, making it larger, adaptable and equipping it with state-of-the-art technologies. The revamped conference room will be versatile; it will be used for conferences, training sessions, even for working in small groups and workshops. Take note: the conference room will be available for lease by companies and organisations seeking a meeting space along Highway 20.

The common spaces will also be modernized to better suit occupants’ needs. The perfect setting for vital and profitable networking, all without even changing locations!

“Come visit us and see this one-of-a-kind coworking space in Drummondville! Short-term or long-term, part-time or full-time, alone, in a duo or rotating, we want to share our offices with you,” states Geneviève Paquin.

To find out more about Espace Praline and our offices for rent, call-us.

Photo credit : Philippe Melançon