• Showcase your true colours

    Every business is different. Find the distinguishing feature that sets you apart from your competition, and use it to express your unique personality.

  • Don’t go around in circles

    Like technology, communication and media evolve. The right message will resonate with your audience. The right strategy will take it even further.

  • Get off on the right foot

    How you start is just as important as where you end up. Praline communication can help get your project up and running and guide you toward that all-important finish.

  • Keep the momentum going

    Praline communication’s experience, expertise and resources will give you a push in the right direction to help you quickly reach your destination.


With Praline communication, you get the benefit of a 360° marketing vision, delivering you the best possible comprehensive approach. From strategy to design, content development to event planning, Praline communication’s team utilizes all available resources to create a recipe unique to each client’s distinctive taste. Experienced, tactful and committed, Praline whips up delicious marketing strategies!



Take informed and fruitful decisions.


Stand out and inspire trust.


Spark your guests’ interest.


Communicate effectively.


Like Praline communication, Geneviève Paquin is a results-oriented marketing specialist. With more than twelve years of experience working in advertising agencies, she provides a tailor-made service to businesses who wish to meet their clients’ expectations. She owes her reputation to her passion for her work and to the quality of her personalized approach to customer relations. Geneviève’s expertise will take you in new and exciting marketing directions so you can savour the exhilaration brought on by your thriving business.

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Success requires vision

Refocus your marketing strategies to capture your objectives and priorities. With the right frame, the best decisions will naturally come to light.

The sweet spot
for marketing strategies

Retaining the services of Praline Communication means leveraging the expertise of a consultant who can help you develop marketing strategies tailored to your company's market and customers.

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