Geneviève Paquin – Over 12 years of experience and a 360° vision.

With her extensive experience in communication and marketing, including close to a decade in a renowned ad agency, Geneviève is known and loved for her active listening, sharp analytical mind and solid expertise in brand image.

  • Experience

    Over the course of her career, Geneviève has collaborated with businesses of varying sizes in many industries and successfully led a wide range of extremely diverse projects. Most notably, she has worked with Laiterie Chalifoux to create the new brand image of Riviera Petit Pot and has collaborated with Forage FTE Drilling and Le Poivron Rouge catering service. Geneviève is also in charge of the media placement and promotional campaign for Sherbrooke’s Winter Carnival.

  • A 360° vision

    With her fresh and objective perspective, Geneviève always sees the big picture while providing relevant and realistic recommendations to help you reach your strategic objectives. She will guide you through the complexities of brand imaging, positioning, promotional and advertising campaigns, content strategy and event planning.

  • Determination

    Geneviève loves to step out of her comfort zone, explore new possibilities and find innovative solutions – she’s a regular adrenaline junkie!

OBJECTIVE – In creating Praline Communication, Geneviève wanted to share her expertise, shake things up a bit and make marketing strategy more accessible to entrepreneurs who want to reach their objectives in a thriving business.

Praline Communication provides the experience, expertise and resources that can make all the difference, directing your efforts to where they will have the most bang for the buck.