Are you making a good impression?

A company's image is a reflection of its personality and the nature of its products and services. A strong brand image will stand the test of time and support continued business growth.

As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression, and this is especially true with regard to communication and marketing. The experts at Praline communication will help you develop a logo, packaging or website that truly represents your business and your expertise. Tell us about your project.

Tell us about your project.

Do you have the right tools?

Objectives guide strategies, but it is the tools that really allow a business to project a strong image and convey a clear message. Developing sales and communication tools is an essential step in any marketing strategy. These tools can take many forms, depending on your specific needs: logos, stationary, business cards, product packaging, brochures, leaflets, folders, websites, social media, etc. With the right tools, your business will be better equipped to engage and persuade your target audience.

Corporate material

Brand image guides all decisions on the design of corporate material and all other marketing and advertising tools. Depending on your business’s stage of development, Praline Communication can help you either define the strong corporate identity needed to take your business further, or successfully drive an existing brand.

Promotional and advertising campaigns

In order to measure the impact and effectiveness of a campaign, it must form an integral part of a clear, results-oriented strategy. This allows you to manage and assess the campaign before developing the right sales and communication tools to achieve the desired results, whether you’re looking to increase sales, enhance visibility or introduce a new product or service. Sticking to your strategy will also ensure that your message is worded, framed and expressed in just the right way to reach your target market.

Websites and social media

Although the traditional media continue to play an important role in any communication plan, we must acknowledge the greater role that e-media now plays in all strategic planning. Through website design and content, online advertising, or a presence on social networks, media platforms offer distinctive advantages in terms of scope and return on investment.

The choice of media will be guided by the type of product or service, as well as the target market.