Do you have a web content strategy in place?

With content marketing taking on increasing importance, the development of an effective web content strategy has become crucial for any business or organization. In practice, a content strategy allows your clients to easily find you on the web thanks to the relevant and attention-grabbing content of your online presence: blogs, social media, videos and more.

Your content strategy will benefit from being carefully crafted and tailored to your target audience in order to generate added value for your business. It is therefore essential to invest the necessary time and resources required to develop and implement your strategy according to a well-established plan.

Are you posting effective content?

Having a strategy in place is a great first step, but it could miss its mark if your content isn’t on point. Content must be perfectly suited to your intended audience, with precise wording and flawless grammar.

Content creation

You only have a few seconds to capture and hold your target audience’s attention. Maximize your results with creative and relevant content!

Capturing clients’ attention is never an easy task! Competition is fierce and you need to stand out in order to deliver your message.

Custom-tailored content development is a must when creating websites and blog entries, and when posting to social media like Facebook. Delivering clear, concise content focused on your target customer’s needs will increase your company’s visibility and, ultimately, boost sales.

Editing and proofreading

Your business credibility owes much to the quality of your written communication. Precise wording and flawless grammar in your online material reflect a professional and positive image of your company to your clientele.

Editing and proofreading prevent the occurrence of spelling mistakes and grammatical or syntax errors, as well as improper use of words or awkward phrasing. Most importantly, even if you happen to be a gifted writer yourself, editing and proofreading will guarantee the overall quality of your content.

One mere typo could be detrimental to your business and its image. Be proactive and don’t skip this important step!


You wish to reach your potential customers in French as well as English? Simply translating your content word for word from one language to the other before posting won’t cut it.

Each language has its own set of rules, parameters and expressions. After the first few lines, your clients will have formed an impression of your company based on the quality of your written material.

Praline communication has a pool of skilled professionals at your disposal to expertly translate your technical, promotional and advertising content. It’s the perfect, cost-efficient solution to communicate effectively with your target audience!