Unique flavour

Praline Communication is not an ad agency. That's what gives us our distinctive flavour. You will have a personalized relationship with a marketing consultant and strategist, one specialized in working with small and medium-sized businesses to help them reach the next level – now that's a sweet deal!

Moreover, Praline Communication designs its tools in a way that allows you to measure the impact and results of your chosen course of action. You will begin to see marketing and communications as a smart investment rather than an expense.

Accessible luxury

Praline communication’s added value resides not only in its solid expertise in marketing and communication, vast network of freelance professionals, 360 degree vision and sharp analytical mind, but also in its competitive pricing policy.

Praline communication works closely with its clients and adapts its approach to their projects, needs and tastes. Whether you require help for a specific project or are looking to outsource the entirety of your marketing and communication needs, Praline communication’s objectives remain unchanged: to help you develop marketing strategies that are tailor-made for your market and your company’s customer base.

Praline [pʀalin] noun

The definition of praline is a nut that has been caramelized in sugar to allow its subtlest flavours to emerge. Over the years, this delicacy has evolved and can now be enjoyed in many forms by the most refined candy connoisseurs, including the proud founder of Praline communication.

Recognizing that every company is unique, Praline communication aims to express and enhance the distinctive flavours that characterize the specific business of each client. Our tasteful strategies are crafted in the same spirit and with the same attention to detail as the world's most renowned confectioners.